Oracle Comms DSR Policy Diameter Routing Agent (P-DRA) (D87327)


Course Overview

This Oracle Comms DSR Policy Diameter Routing Agent (P-DRA) Ed2 training explores broadband services - see how they become ubiquitous, across both fixed and mobile networks. See why it's increasingly important for the operator to be able to control the services and subscribers in real-time; explore the capability in the network that is required to deliver on the vision of real time control of services, applications and subscribers is called Policy Control.

Learn To:
  • Explain the Policy Diameter Routing Agent (P-DRA).
  • Describe distribution of new policy sessions across available PCRFs.
  • Describe and explain network wide session binding and its correlation for all policy sessions related to a subscriber.
  • Explain intelligent routing of policy messages to enable large and scalable policy networks.
  • List the primary purposes of P-DRA.
  • Explain pooling and sub-pooling.
  • Define geo-diverse binding.
  • Describe topology hiding and its benefits.
Benefits to You

By taking this course, you'll learn more about the need for policy server (PCRF) capacity to grow accordingly as mobile traffic grows. As a network grows beyond a single PCRF, there may be the need to deploy a Policy Diameter Routing Agent (P-DRA) in front of the PCRFs. This course will help you explore the two main purposes of the P-DRA: distributing new sessions across available PCRFs and providing network wide session binding and correlation for all sessions related to a subscriber.

Who should attend

  • System Administrator
  • Support Engineer
  • Technical Administrator
  • Team Leader
  • Site Staff


Course Content

  • Configuring PCRF Pools
    • Configuring PCRF SubPools
  • Hosting a Subscriber Binding
  • APN to PCRF Pool Mapping
  • Preventing Split Bindings
  • Configuring PCRF Pools on the NOAM GUI
  • Distributing Initial Rx, Gx, Gxx and S9 Sessions Across Available PCRFs
  • Providing Network Wide Session Binding
  • Performing Topology Hiding
  • Delivering High Thoughput, Low Latency

Prices & Delivery methods

Online Training

0.5 days

Classroom Training

0.5 days

Currently there are no training dates scheduled for this course.