R12.x Oracle Time and Labor Fundamentals (D73912)


Course Overview

Oracle Time and Labor automates the entire time and attendance record-keeping process and provides an intuitive, web-based interface for time entry and approval. It offers a simplified way to submit, review, track and approve timecards.

The goal of the Oracle Time and Labor course is to provide knowledge and understanding of the product and its key features. The course provides information on the features Oracle Time and Labor offers to support the common business processes.

This course introduces the concepts of timecard and timekeeping in the workplace. The lessons in this course discuss using the OTL application to capture timecard information, configuring rules on validating, approving, and transferring time. The course covers topics on using Oracle Time and Labor Rules to auto-generate timecard details for workers based on enterprise policies. Course content includes information on using the OTL application to manage time effectively, details on managing time for other workers, using templates for flexible and quick timecard entry, and archiving timecards to release disk storage space.

Learn To:
  • Recognize the Oracle Time and Labor (OTL) product
  • Create timecard building blocks in OTL
  • Setup the different flexible implementation options that OTL provides
  • Configure Oracle Time and Labor Rules (OTLR)
  • Configure and assign time structures and policies to workers
  • Archive and restore timecards

Who should attend

  • End Users
  • Sales Consultants
  • Functional Implementer

Course Objectives

  • Recognize the Oracle Time and Labor product
  • Recognize the timecard building blocks
  • Understand the different flexible implementation options that OTL provides
  • Recognize the element setup process for OTL
  • Learn how to define approval periods and styles for timecards
  • Understand time entry rules for validation
  • Learn about timecard layouts and preferences
  • Understand Oracle Time and Labor Rules (OTLR)
  • Identify how the time management structures and policies fit together
  • Configure OTLR
  • Learn how to assign structures and policies to workers
  • Transfer timecards to Batch Element Entry (BEE) and Oracle Projects
  • Understand how to set up and use Change and Late Audit (CLA)
  • Describe the advantages and flexibility of entry-level processing
  • Use Timecard Dashboard
  • Learn how OTL archives and restores timecard data

Course Content

  • Introduction to Oracle Time and Labor
  • Introducing the Timecard
  • Implementation Options
  • Time Entry and Approval Rules
  • Approval Periods and Styles
  • Using Elements in OTL
  • Mappings and Retrieval Processes
  • Timecard Layouts and Preferences
  • Defining OTLR Structures
  • Defining OTLR Policies
  • Assigning Structures and Policies
  • Transferring Timecards to BEE and Oracle Projects
  • Applying Schedule Rules to Timecards
  • Entry Level Processing
  • Change and Late Audit (CLA)
  • Timekeeper
  • Self-Service Line Manager
  • Archiving and Restoring Timecards

Prices & Delivery methods

Online Training

4 days

Classroom Training

4 days

Currently there are no training dates scheduled for this course.