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Virtualization Training

What started with the virtualization of computing resources (servers) to achieve better utilization and flexibility is now the basis for most IT solutions. With server, storage, network and desktop virtualization organizations can simplify IT operations, reduce costs and provide IT resources faster and more flexibly.

We get you ready to rise to the challenges of planning and making the most of future-focused virtualization solutions.

Virtualization Labs

Hands-on labs

Virtualization Consulting

Advice on all Virtualization issues

Cisco Virtualization Training

Unified Computing, UCS Director, Data Center Switching, FlexPod, VersaStack and more

Microsoft Virtualization Training

Windows Server, System Center and more

NetApp Virtualization Training

Microsoft Hyper-V on Data ONTAP, VMware vSphere on Data ONTAP, FlexPod and more

Red Hat Virtualization Training

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and more

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