Siebel Business Automation 15.5 (D94193)


Course Overview

In this course, students learn fundamental technologies and techniques for automating business processes in Siebel applications. The curriculum focuses on core technologies that are used in many Siebel automation facilities, such as business services and Siebel workflow. Students get hands-on experience with Siebel automation and create solutions to simple and more complex automation problems. It is appropriate for Siebel 15.x and 8.x customers. Practices are performed using Open UI.

Siebel business automation is implemented both in Siebel Tools and in the Siebel client, and this course presents a discussion of both. Students configure workflow processes and task flows in Siebel Tools, as well as implementing workflows for Siebel Universal Inbox and for Siebel Data Validation Manager. In the Siebel Web client, students implement Siebel State Models, Siebel SmartScripts, and configure assignment rules. Students also learn the role of scripting in automating Siebel applications.

Learn to:
  • Create workflows to automate business processes
  • Configure the Siebel Inbox
  • Create tasks to guide users through complex procedures
  • Use Siebel client facilities for automation
  • Use Siebel Assignment Manager to assign business data to users
Benefits To You

Get hands-on experience with the technologies and techniques for automating business processes in Siebel applications. With this knowledge you can create solutions that simplify and automate your business processes.

Who should attend

  • Application Developers
  • Project Manager
  • Developer
  • Technical Consultant
  • Technical Administrator



Course Content

  • Siebel Business Services
  • Creating and Deploying Siebel Workflow Processes
  • Configuring Siebel Universal Inbox
  • Using Siebel Data Validation Manager
  • Using Siebel Task UI
  • Introducing Siebel Scripting
  • Creating SmartScripts to automate customer interactions
  • Using Siebel State Model
  • Assigning Business Data with Siebel Assignment Manager

Prices & Delivery methods

Online Training

5 days

  • on request
Classroom Training

5 days

  • on request

Currently there are no training dates scheduled for this course.