Oracle Flash Storage System: FS1 Administration for SAN R6.x (D89946)


Course Overview

This Oracle Flash Storage System: FS1 Administration for SAN R6.x Ed 1 training is designed for systems or storage administrators who perform system and storage administration on the Oracle FS Flash Storage System FS1 with Release 6.x. The goal of the course is to provide administrators with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform configuration, administration, and storage provisioning for the Oracle Flash Storage System.

Learn To:
  • Use the Oracle FS System Manager, Oracle MaxMan, and the FS CLI.
  • Install and configure Flash Storage Path Manager software.
  • Provision SAN Storage and setup data protection.
  • Configure storage profiles.
  • Monitor and maintain the Oracle FS1 Flash Storage System.
  • Upgrade the system software.
  • Monitor the system and generate reports.
  • Perform CRU replacements.
  • Deploy LUNs.
  • Understand coverage of the FS1 monitoring and maintenance tools to help with replacement of replaceable units.
  • Identify the hardware components and configuration.
  • Manage data collection and perform analysis of gathered statistical data.
Benefits to You

By taking this course, you will gain a better understanding of the system architecture, including: QoS, QoS Plus, RAID, Thin Provisioning, Storage Domains, and Storage Profiles. This course prepares individuals responsible for the storage and system administration of the Oracle FS1 Flash Storage System to do so successfully.

Required Prerequisites

Before enrolling in this course, you should have knowledge and experience with SAN concepts, familiarity with RAID, plus system administration experience with Oracle Linux, Oracle Solaris, Microsoft Windows Server platforms, and networking. Experience installing and maintaining complex hardware systems is highly recommended.

Please Note

This course covers the FS1-2 system common features, functionality, components, architecture, monitoring, and basic maintenance procedures. The Oracle Flash Storage System (FS1-2) is an Enterprise-Grade storage system designed to maximize the power of flash and the economics of disk. It is co-engineered for Oracle-on-Oracle, adaptive and anticipatory storage with rapid learning and highly granular data tiering.

Who should attend

  • End Users
  • Data Center Manager
  • System Administrator
  • System Integrator
  • Sales Consultants
  • Support Engineer
  • Storage Administrator


  • UNIX administration and Network concepts
  • SAN and RAID concepts
  • Server and Storage Management experience
  • Microsoft Windows Server administration

Course Objectives

  • Understand the Oracle Flash Storage System architecture
  • Understand the function and purpose of QoS and QoS Plus
  • Understand the purpose and application of Storage Domains
  • Understand the implementation and use of Thin Provisioning
  • Understand the advantages and use of Storage Profiles
  • Use the Oracle FS Storage Manager and Oracle MaxMan utilities
  • Use the Flash Storage Command-Line Interface
  • Configure the basic system settings for an FS1 system
  • Install and configure the Flash Storage Path Manager software
  • Create and deploy SAN storage
  • Configure data protection using Clone LUN
  • Create copies of data using Volume Copy
  • Understand basic troubleshooting
  • Monitor the FS1 system and perform analysis on statistical data
  • Collect system logs
  • Perform Guided Maintenance to replace customer replaceable units

Course Content

  • Resources and References
  • Oracle Flash Storage System Architecture
  • FS1 System Management
  • SAN Provisioning
  • FS1-2 System Hardware
  • FS1-2 System Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Using System Utilities

Prices & Delivery methods

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