Oracle Communications Policy OAM Wireless Deploy (D83053)


Course Overview

This course presents the Policy Management solution and provides the students with the critical concepts and skills that are needed for basic system operations and administration. The course mixes both theory and practice with hands-on activities on Oracle University’s training labs.

Learn To:
  • Identify key elements and characteristics of the policy management solution.
  • Perform policy administration functions.
  • Maintain policy management configuration data.
  • Perform basic surveillance functions.
  • Perform system administration functions.
  • Perform ESPR (Enhanced Subscriber Profile Repository) operations and administration functions.

The main components and their interaction are introduced: The Configuration Management Platform (CMP), the Multimedia Protocol Engine (MPE), the Policy Front End, and the Converged Wireless features that support the RADIUS protocol. The student also learns the fundamentals of policy writing and policy management.

Who should attend

  • Network Administrator
  • System Administrator
  • Support Engineer
  • Technical Administrator

Course Objectives

  • Identify basic policy management concepts
  • Identify the primary function of each component in the Oracle Policy Management Solution
  • Explain basic concepts of the Policy Management system architecture
  • Explain key aspects of the wireless network evolution that have led to the implementation of policy management
  • Perform basic navigation
  • View system topology and basic configuration data for the Configuration Management Platform, Multimedia Policy Engine, and the Policy Front End
  • Understand how a Policy Server Profile for a Multimedia Policy Engine (MPE) is created and configured
  • Identify the anatomy of a policy
  • Use the Configuration Management Platform Wireless User's Guide to perform policy management procedures
  • Access and interpret MPE component reports
  • Identify basic components of the Diameter protocol
  • System Administration- Manage CMP Users
  • Search the Audit Log
  • Backup CMP data using the export and import functions
  • Backup and restore data stored in the CMP Policy Library
  • View scheduled tasks

Course Content

  • Introduction to the Oracle Policy Management Solution
  • Introduction to the Configuration Management Platform (CMP) User Interface
  • Configuring a Multimedia Policy Engine (MPE) and a Network Element
  • Policy Administration: Policy Basics
  • Policy Administration: Provision Policy Reference Data
  • Policy Administration: Managing Policies
  • Surveillance Basics: Monitor Policy Management Components
  • Surveillance Basics Trace Sessions
  • System Administration- Manage CMP Users
  • System Administration - Perform System Utility Functions
  • Policy Front End
  • RADIUS Configuration for Fixed Mobile Convergence

Prices & Delivery methods

Online Training

3 days

Classroom Training

3 days

Currently there are no training dates scheduled for this course.