Oracle Virtual Directory 11g: Administration (D80145)


Course Overview

Creating a secure application environment requires integration of existing user identity information which are contained in Databases or LDAP Directories or Windows Domains. For most enterprises, this information is scattered across multiple locations and multiple services. Oracle Virtual Directory 11g provides Internet and industry-standard LDAP and XML views of existing enterprise identity information, without synchronizing or moving data from it's native locations. This accelerates the deployment of applications and reduces costs by eliminating the need to constantly adapt those applications to a changing identity landscape as user populations are added, changed, or removed.

This course teaches to create an unified enterprise identity management solution using Oracle Virtual Directory 11g R1.

Learn To:
  • Understand the role of Directory Services in Identity Management solutions.
  • Install and Configure Oracle Virtual Directory 11g R1.
  • Integrate Oracle Internet Directory, Oracle Unified Directory and Microsoft Active Directory.
  • Manage LDAP, Database, Local-Store, Join View and Custom Adapters.
  • Use the advanced functionality of Oracle Virtual Directory.
  • Integrate Oracle Virtual Directory and Enterprise User Security.
  • Use Logging, Monitoring and Auditing Tools.
Basic Oracle WebLogic Server Concepts

Alongwith the above you will also learn the basic concepts of Oracle WebLogic Server 11g. You get a brief on configuring the domain, managing the different Servers and use the Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console. You also learn on the WebLogic Scripting Tool and other related concepts.

Who should attend

  • Technical Administrator
  • Security Administrators
  • Web Administrator
  • System Analysts
  • Support Engineer


Required Prerequisites:
  • Familiarity with Oracle Directory Services.
  • Familiarity with a Linux based environment.
Suggested Prerequisites:

Course Objectives

  • Explain the role of directory services in identity management solutions
  • Install and configure Oracle Virtual Directory
  • Use Oracle Virtual Directory to integrate Oracle Unified Directory, Oracle Internet Directory and Microsoft Active Directory
  • Create and manage LDAP, database, local-store, Join View and custom adapters in Oracle Virtual Directory
  • Understand advanced functionalities of Oracle Virtual Directory
  • Integrate Oracle Virtual Directory and Enterprise User Security
  • Understand auditing, monitoring and logging

Course Content

  • Oracle Directory Services: Overview
  • Understanding Oracle Virtual Directory
  • Creating and Managing Basic Adapters
  • Creating and Managing Advanced Adapters
  • Understanding Advanced Functionalities of OVD
  • Configuring Enterprise User Security
  • Understanding Auditoring, Monitoring, and Logging

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