R12.x Extend Oracle Applications: Customizing OA Framework Applications (D61638)


Course Overview

This course has been significantly changed from the prior version to include additional deployments. The course doesn't teach the specifics of configuration of each product. That is left to the product-specific courses. What the course does cover is the general methods of building, personalizing, and extending OA Framework-based pages within the E-Business Suite. Additionally, the course covers the methods to deploy those types of customizations. The course doesn't include discussion of the Oracle Forms-based pages within the E-Business Suite

  • Build a simple OA Framework Application
  • Personalize OA Framework Applications and Pages
  • Extend OA Framework Applications
  • Deploy OA Framework Applications and Pages

Who should attend

  • Architect
  • Java Developers
  • Developer
  • Technical Consultant
  • J2EE Developer
  • Technical Administrator


Suggested Prerequisites:
  • R12 E-Business Suite system administration skills
  • Programming experience
  • Java programming experience
  • J2EE programming experience

Course Objectives

  • Build a basic OA Framework page
  • Personalize an OA Framework page
  • Deploy a personalization
  • Deploy an extension
  • Extend an OA Framework page
  • Assemble components for an OA Framework project
  • Translate an OA Framework page
  • Define other development considerations

Course Content

  • Introduction to Customizing
  • Concepts of the MVC Design
  • Basics of the Model
  • Basics of the View
  • Lab - Learning More About
  • Introduction to JDeveloper
  • Setting Up Your Development
  • Basics of the Controller
  • Introduction to Personalizations
  • Personalization Concepts
  • User - Level Personalizations
  • Administrator - Level Personalizations
  • Personalizing Configurable Pages
  • Advanced Personalization Features
  • Extend OA Framework Applications
  • Assembling Components
  • Development Considerations
  • Deploying OA Framework Applications
  • Translations
  • OA Framework Development Concepts and Standards
  • Appendix
    • E-Business Suite Architecture Overview
    • E-Business Suite Architecture Components
    • E-Business Suite Database Architecture
    • E-Business Suite File System Architecture
    • E-Business Suite Basic Administration
    • E-Business Suite Basic AD Utilities
    • OA Framework and E-Business Suite Database Security

Prices & Delivery methods

Online Training

5 days

Classroom Training

5 days

Currently there are no training dates scheduled for this course.