R12.1 Oracle Site Hub (D60924)


Course Overview

Oracle Site Hub enables a business to have a unified view of all aspects of sites in a central place. As a data hub—it provides the capability to consolidate site information into a master repository, govern the master data, provide abilities the life-cycle, and provide views of related information.

In this class you will use attributes such as geographic locations, legal entities, hierarchies, and trade areas; and employ multiple methods for site record creation. Site can be grouped into clusters and classified in hierarchies. The mapping functionality shows the sites in relation to their geographic locations on a map.

Learn To:
  • Create descriptive attributes for site, location, hierarchy and trade areas.
  • Use multiple methods for site record creation.
  • Use the Hierarchy Workbench to manage classifications needed for your business.
  • Use the mapping functionality to display sites and their attributes on a site map.
  • Work with in the two user roles: the Administrator role is used for setup, and the Site User role includes site management functionality

Who should attend

  • End Users
  • System Integrator
  • Sales Consultants

Course Objectives

  • Understanding site business entitites
  • Creating and maintaining sites
  • Defining attributes and attribute groups
  • Defining site clusters
  • Creating site trade area groups
  • Managing hierarchies
  • Understanding site user roles

Course Content

Understanding Site Hub functions
  • Using Site Hub user roles
  • Understanding Oracle Master Data Management concepts
  • Understanding site business entities
  • Constructing a data model
  • Using Trading Community Architecture components
Defining attributes and attribute groups
  • Creating attributes for sites locations hierarchiesnd trade area groups
  • Defining attribute groups
  • Assigning purposes, countries, and trade areas
  • Creating attribute pages
Setting up the Site Map
  • Defining site map preferences
  • Uploading site image icons
  • Associating attribute pages to purposes
Managing sites
  • Viewing sites and using Favorites records
  • Creating site records
  • Editing existing site records
  • Using the site map
  • Defining site clusters
Managing hierarchies
  • Defining hierarchy display settings
  • Defining hierarchy relationship rules
  • Creating hierarchy records
  • Managing hierarchies on the Hierarchy Workbench
Integrating with other Oracle applications
  • Integrating sites with maintenance assets
  • Linking sites to property locations
  • Associating sites with inventory organizations

Prices & Delivery methods

Online Training

2 days

  • on request
Classroom Training

2 days

  • on request

Currently there are no training dates scheduled for this course.