Oracle CRM On Demand Advanced Analytics Workshop (D56686)


Course Overview

In this course, students learn to use advanced features of Oracle CRM On Demand Answers to support custom business reporting needs. These include learning how to: apply advanced formatting and layouts; create and apply multiple filters for rolling date analyses and negative reporting; use advanced formulas and calculated columns; build comparative reports using prompts; create custom dashboards; and, track usage and performance. These skills enable advanced users to build easy-to-use reports and dashboards that meet complex reporting needs.

Hands-on exercises based on real business examples reinforce the skills and knowledge taught in the course. This provides an opportunity for students to practice new skills in a safe environment with instructor support.

Learn To:
  • Write time and date formulas and create rolling date reports
  • Create effective pivot tables that provide multiple data perspectives
  • Link directly from a record to a record-specific analysis
  • Filter data based on the results of another analysis or using a simple SQL statement
  • Create custom dashboards to provide an in-depth view of the business using simple reports
  • Use column and conditional formatting to emphasize key data

Who should attend

  • Technical Consultant
  • Reports Developer
  • Technical Administrator
  • Administrator


  • Basic familiarity with the Oracle CRM On Demand application
  • Ability to use Oracle CRM On Demand Answers to create basic reports

Course Objectives

  • Identify and apply formatting options to emphasize key data
  • Design and format effective pivot tables to show data from multiple perspectives
  • Define prompts to allow users to filter information in an analysis
  • Use advanced filtering options to satisfy report data requirements
  • Filter data based on the results of another analysis
  • Combine reports to create complex filters
  • Use column formulas to calculate data in an analysis
  • Write rolling date filters to display results based on relative time frames
  • Include session variables in filters and formulas
  • Create links to navigate users through a set of reports
  • Create custom dashboards to provide an in-depth view of the business using simple reports
  • Use action links to pass record details to a report so that the report results are record-specific
  • Create analyses that answer defined business questions
  • Track usage and performance of the CRM On Demand application using standard and custom usage tracking reports

Course Content

Reporting Methodology
  • Identifying Subject Areas
  • Finding Data Columns
  • Analyzing Custom Objects
  • Designing Your Report
Formatting Tables
  • Column Formatting
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Using Images
Working With Pivot Tables
  • Adding Totals and Relative Values
  • Adding Duplicate Columns
Using Advanced Layout Views
  • Column Selectors
  • Gauge Views
  • Adding a Legend
  • Using a Narrative View
Using Filters
  • Filtering with SQL Expressions
  • Using Variables
  • Filtering Based on Results of Another Analysis
  • Using the Filtered Metrics Function
Combining Reports with Set Operations
Defining Column Filter Prompts
  • When to Use Prompts
  • Date Range Prompts
Column Formulas and Conditional Expressions
  • Where to Apply Formulas
  • Creating Mathematical Formulas
Date and Time Formulas
  • Types of Date Formulas
  • Rolling Date Filters
  • Using Session Variables
Conditional Values
  • Using CASE Statements
  • Applying Aggregation Rules
Navigating Users to Analyses
  • Defining Drill-Down Paths
  • Creating a Web Link field
Creating Custom Dashboards
  • Creating and Designing Custom Dashboards
  • Creating Dashboard Prompts

Prices & Delivery methods

Online Training

3 days

Classroom Training

3 days


Subscription duration
3 days

Currently there are no training dates scheduled for this course.