Oracle HCM Cloud: Advanced Oracle Business Intelligence for Talent Acquisition (D97788) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Using Advanced OBI Features for Analyses
  • Setting Analysis Properties
  • Working with Column Selectors
  • Combining Analyses with Set Operations
Using Advanced Filtering Techniques
  • Creating & Applying Independent Filters
  • Using Saved Analyses as Filters
  • Editing SQL for Column Filters
  • Including Selection Steps Based on Conditions
Working with the Advanced Tab & Building Calculations
  • Creating URLs for Saved Analyses
  • Using the Advanced Tab to Modify XML
  • Using the Advanced Tab to Modify SQL
  • Including Advanced SQL Clauses
Creating & Managing Actionable Intelligence
  • Subscribing to Agents
  • Listing Agents
  • Creating & Running Agents with Conditions
  • Managing Agent Alerts
Working with Advanced Analysis Views
  • Examining Advanced Analysis Views
  • Applying Conditional Formatting
  • Adding Legend, Narrative, Ticker, Logical SQL and View Selector Views
  • Creating Simple & Advanced Trellis Views
Building Advanced Visual Aids
  • Adding Selection Steps Views
  • Creating Gauges & Funnels
  • Linking Master-Detail Channels
Creating KPIs
  • Examining KPIs
  • Building KPIs
Building Scorecards
  • Examining Scorecards
  • Creating Scorecards
Working with Dashboard Prompts
  • Creating Analyses for Dashboard Prompts
  • Building Dashboard Prompts
  • Adding Dashboard Prompts to Dashboards
Creating Briefing Books
  • Working with Briefing Books
  • Adding Content to Briefing Books
  • Editing Briefing Books
  • Downloading & Viewing Briefing Books