Siebel Marketing: Marketing Manager Rel 15.5 (D96352) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Siebel Marketing Overview
  • Identifying components of Siebel Marketing Suite
  • Understanding closed-loop marketing
Siebel Marketing Architecture
  • Identifying components of the Siebel Marketing architecture
  • Marketing clients
  • Oracle BI EE
  • Email Marketing Server
Marketing Terminology and Process Flow
  • Explaining marketing terminology
  • Campaigns, Offers and Treatments
  • Budget Requests, Funds and Initiatives
  • Executing Stand-alone campaigns
  • Executing marketing programs
  • Executing marketing plans
Segment Designer
  • Understanding the segment designer interface
  • Creating simple and complex segments
  • Moving and changing criteria blocks
  • Understanding counts
  • Cross subject area queries
  • Grouping criteria blocks
  • Generate lists from segments
Creating Segment Trees
  • Explaining the purpose of segment trees
  • Splitting and sampling
  • Working with segment tree branches
Marketing Plans, Programs, Campaigns and Events
  • Identifying Siebel Marketing objects and their relationships
  • Offer Management
  • Events
  • Campaigns
  • Wave
  • Programs
  • Stages
  • Marketing Plans
Using List Format Designer
  • Understanding List Format Types
  • Creating List Formats
  • Combining Data Sets
  • Sorting and Splitting
  • Formatting
  • Previewing List Output
List Management
  • Describing the List Management Process
  • Importing External Lists
  • Creating Internal Lists
Response Management
  • Describing the Response Management Process
  • Integrating with Sales
  • Tracking Responses
Email Marketing
  • Creating an Email Campaign
  • Personalizing and Editing Email Marketing Templates
  • Understanding Conditional Fields
  • Understanding Advanced Email Marketing Features
  • Launching Email Campaigns
Event Management
  • Describing the Event Management Process
  • Defining Event Plans, Events and Sessions
  • Managing Invitations
  • Managing Registrations
Marketing Planning, Budgeting and Financial Tracking
  • Creating Marketing Plans
  • Creating Budget Requests
  • Understanding approval cycles
  • Setting goals
  • Tracking expenses and budgets
Marketing Analytics
  • Using Oracle BI Answers
  • Using Oracle BI Dashboards
  • Creating ad-hoc analyses