Oracle Session Monitor Rel 3.x Platform Administration (D81965) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Installing OCSM
  • Platform requirements
  • Installation on a virtual machine
  • Installation procedure
Setting UP OCSM
  • OCSM layered architecture
  • Accessing OCSM PSA Web interface
  • Configuring machine type, call capacity and network settings
  • Specifying parameters for DNS, HTTPS, SMTP and more
  • Setting date/time
Managing General and Network Settings
  • OCOM Configuration and Administration Settings Web Interface
  • General settings
  • Network settings
Administration of Platform Devices and Realms
  • Administrating Platform Devices
  • Specifying Custom Call Merging Algorithm
  • Specifying Number Determination Sources
  • Defining Realms
  • Customizing Realm Assignments
  • Specifying Devices Visibility
  • Specifying Devices Monitoring
  • Specifying IP Tags and Prefix Tags
Managing Users
  • Managing Users
  • Adding Users
  • Adding User Roles
  • Assigning User Roles
Managing External Devices
  • Configuring RADIUS Authentication
  • Configuring SNMP Options
  • Enabling FTP/SFTP
  • Configuring Voice Quality Collector
Managing System Parameters
  • Setting System Parameters
  • Categories of System Parameters
  • Configuring Savepoints
Introduction to the Fraud Monitor (FM)
  • What is FM?
  • Where is FM?
  • How does FM Detect Fraud?
Detecting Frauds
  • Accessing the FM Web Interface
  • Configuring Blacklist
  • Configuring Whitelist
  • Adding Mediation Engines
  • Managing Administrative Users