Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud: Project Financial Management Implementation (D102828) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Project Financial Management Course Overview
  • Identifying Key Project Financial Management Concepts and Features
  • Understanding How to Provision, Implement, and Set Up the Project Financial Management Offering
  • Using Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager
Introducing Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager
  • Explaining the Benefits and Key Concepts of Functional Setup Manager
  • Using the Opt In Feature to Enable Offerings and Functional Areas
  • Reviewing the Project Financial Management Offering
  • Managing Setup Data
  • Creating an Implementation Project
  • Using Setup Sata Export and Import
Configuring Rapid Implementation
  • Describing Rapid Implementation Features
  • Downloading the Rapid Implementation Workbook
  • Using the Rapid Implementation Process
Defining Security
  • Understanding the Oracle Security Model
  • Using the Security Console
  • Examining the Changes to the Common Security Features
Defining Subledger Accounting Rules for Project Financial Management
  • Understanding Subledger Accounting
  • Using Subledger Accounting with Project Financial Management Applications
  • Reviewing Journal Entry Components and Accounting Options
  • Explaining Account Derivation
  • Viewing Accounting
Defining Project Financial Management Organizations
  • Configuring Business Units for Project Financial Management
  • Defining Project Organizations and Project Units
  • Managing Project Organization Classifications and Hierarchies
  • Configuring Reference Data
  • Running the Maintain Project Organizations Process
Defining Project Foundation Configuration
  • Defining Project Calendars and Periods
  • Defining Types and Categories
  • Managing Oracle Social Network Objects
  • Managing Project Roles
  • Defining Project Resources
  • Defining Project Resource Breakdown Structures
  • Defining Burdening
  • Integrating Microsoft Project with Project Financial Management
Defining Project Control Configuration
  • Managing Period Profiles
  • Managing Spread Curves
  • Managing Project Plan Types
  • Managing Financial Plan Types
  • Defining Integration with Oracle Fusion Budgetary Control
  • Importing Project Budgets
Defining Project Costing Configuration
  • Defining General Costing Setup
  • Defining Capital Projects
  • Defining Borrowed and Lent Accounting
  • Performing Budgetary Control and Encumbrance Accounting
  • Integrating Project Costing with External Financial Applications
  • Integrating Project Costing with Other Fusion Applications
Defining Project Billing Configuration
  • Defining Oracle Fusion Enterprise Contracts Configuration
  • Defining Oracle Fusion Project Billing Configuration
  • Defining Additional Intercompany and Interproject Cross-Charge Options
  • Coexistence Between Oracle Fusion Project Billing and External Applications
  • Using Project and Contract Data
  • Manage Billing Offset Balances
Defining Project Performance Reporting Configuration
  • Managing Performance Measures
  • Generating and Analyze Key Performance Indicators
  • Defining Performance Reporting Options for Project Units
  • Performing Summarization
  • Planning Amount Allocation Basis
  • Leveraging the Project Management Dashboard: Health, Timecard, Invoices, and Cost Budget
  • Using Oracle Smart View for Microsoft Office
Defining Project Templates
  • Defining Template Creation Method
  • Defining Template Details
  • Defining Quick Entry Fields
  • Defining Project Options
  • Defining Financial Options
  • Defining Reporting Options
Defining Approval and Workflow Management
  • Understanding the Business Processes Supported by Approvals and Workflows
  • Accessing and Configuring Approval and Notification Tasks
Project Financial Management Lifecycle Practices
  • Completing Project Financial Management Lifecycle Practices and Demonstrations