Pioneer in climate and environmental protection: Reforestation in Costa Rica

Fast Lane donates another 30,000 rainforest trees in 2021

December 2021—Fast Lane has been committed to sustainable reforestation and the preservation of Costa Rica's unique biodiversity since 2019 and finances various reforestation projects. To this end, Fast Lane also actively participates in the Green Development Fund for the SICA region, which is also supported by the German government and the EU, among others, as well as in the crowdfunding campaign Huella del Futuro, which aims to plant 200,000 trees in nine northern cantons of Costa Rica.

Through the various initiatives in northern Costa Rica and adjacent to the Cabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve, Fast Lane donated more than 30,000 rainforest trees in 2021, that are ensured in their existence in the long term.

By expanding our commitment and participating in international initiatives, we are fulfilling our ambition to sustainably offset the CO₂ footprint of all Fast Lane employees worldwide in 2021, explains Torsten Poels, CEO & Chairman of the Board of the Fast Lane Group.

In 2022, Fast Lane will continue to actively support reforestation projects in Costa Rica and is already in talks with various local initiatives and politicians.

School classes are being sensitized to sustainable climate protection as part of the reforestation projects and are getting involved.