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Why do we need skills initiatives?

Digital Transformation (DT)

Grow Technical Skills

Drive skills across Implementer Roles

One go-to-market (GTM)

Create a sense relevancy among Customers to drive momentum towards DT

Drive positive learning outcomes via training offerings to grow technical skills

IT project manager, IT administrator, security or compliance roles, IT help desk, End-user support

Eliminate customer confusion with unified GTM motion across partner and WWL motions to drive skills

Detailed overview

Focus on architect: enable vertical & horizontal conversation

CEO, CFO, COO, President, CHIRO, VIP, Exec Director, GM, Owner

C-level execs in IT (i.e, CIO, CTO, CSO), VP or Director of IT, IT Manager, Architect

IT project manager, IT administrator, security or compliance rile, IT help desk, end-user support

Role in decision:
Sponsor, supporter

Role in decision:
Solves challenges, reduces risk for org, decreases IT burden; greatest influence in decision-making

Role in decision:
IT administrator, manages rollout, troubleshoots with IT

Engages when:
Architect or Visionary surfaces opportunity to improve business value by leveraging training materials

Engages when:
There is an opportunity to solve business problems with technology solutions and reduce risk for the organization.
Needs to prove ROI to Exec and needs to understand the skills gaps from Implementer.

Engages when:
Architect engages them. Makes initial recommendations about what is needed and looks for ways to streamline deployment across all workloads.

Talk to them about:
Business value

Talk to them about:

Talk to them about:


  • Positive revenue impact
  • Confirmation of low risk
  • Proof of efficiencies in process
  • Increased productivity


  • Content that is customizable
  • Training for problematic use cases
  • Smooth, informed transition/adoption
  • Reusable, relevant training materials
  • Material that helps identify/track success
  • Favors extra consulting and content


  • Less time cleaning up messes
  • Strategic, phased implementation
  • Help identifying who and what
  • Reduced burden on IT
  • Technical side of deployment
  • Executing programs focused on rollout

Our Microsoft 365 Package: 1 MOC (MS-20347) + 1 EXAM (MS-70347) + 1 EXAM (MS-70346) + 1 PRACTICE EXAM (MS-70347)

1 MOC : Enabling and Managing Office 365 (MS-20347)
1 Exam : Enabling and Managing Office 365 (MS-70347)
1 Exam : Managing Office 365 Identities and Services (MS-70346)
1 Practice Exam : Enabling and Managing Office 365 (MS-70347)