VMware NSX for Intrinsic Security [V4.x] (NSXIS4) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Course Introduction
  • Introduction and course logistics
  • Course objectives
Security Basics
  • Define the concepts related to information security
  • Explain the different types of firewalls and their use cases
  • Describe the operation of IDS/IPS
  • Differentiate between Malware Prevention approaches
VMware Intrinsic Security
  • Define the VMware intrinsic security strategy
  • Describe the VMware intrinsic security portfolio
  • Explain how NSX aligns with the intrinsic security strategy
Implementing Zero-Trust Security
  • Define Zero-Trust Security
  • Describe the five pillars of a Zero-Trust architecture
  • Define NSX segmentation and its use cases
  • Describe the steps needed to enforce Zero-Trust with NSX segmentation
User and Role Management
  • Integrate NSX and VMware Identity Manager™
  • Integrate NSX and LDAP
  • Describe the native users and roles in NSX
  • Create and assign custom user roles
  • Explain object-based RBAC in a multitenancy environment
Distributed Firewall
  • Configure Distributed Firewall rules and policies
  • Describe the NSX Distributed Firewall architecture
  • Troubleshoot common problems related to NSX Distributed Firewall
  • Configure time-based policies
  • Configure Identity Firewall rules
  • Configure the distributed firewall to block malicious IPs
Gateway Security
  • Configure Gateway Firewall rules and policies
  • Describe the architecture of the Gateway Firewall
  • Identify and troubleshoot common Gateway Firewall issues
  • Configure TLS Inspection to decrypt traffic for both internal and external services
  • Configure URL filtering and identify common configuration issues
Operating Internal Firewalls
  • Use VMware Aria Operations for Logs and VMware Aria Operations for Networks to operate NSX firewalls
  • Explain security best practices related to grouping, tagging, and rule configuration
Network Introspection
  • Explain network introspection
  • Describe the architecture and workflows of north-south and east-west service insertion
  • Troubleshoot north-south and east-west service insertion
Endpoint Protection
  • Explain endpoint protection
  • Describe the architecture and workflows of endpoint protection
  • Troubleshoot endpoint protection
Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • Describe the MITRE ATT&CK framework
  • Explain the different phases of a cyber attack
  • Describe how NSX security solutions can be used to protect against cyber attacks
  • Configure and troubleshoot Distributed IDS/IPS
  • Configure and troubleshoot North-South IDS/IPS
NSX Application Platform
  • Describe NSX Application Platform and its use cases
  • Identify the topologies supported for the deployment of NSX Application Platform
  • Deploy NSX Application Platform
  • Explain the NSX Application Platform architecture and services
  • Validate the NSX Application Platform deployment and troubleshoot common issues
NSX Malware Prevention
  • Identify use cases for NSX Malware Prevention
  • Identify the components in the NSX Malware Prevention architecture
  • Describe the NSX Malware Prevention packet flows for known and unknown files
  • Configure NSX Malware Prevention for east-west and north-south traffic
NSX Intelligence and NSX NDR
  • Describe NSX Intelligence and its use cases
  • Explain NSX Intelligence visualization, recommendation, and network traffic analysis capabilities
  • Describe NSX NDR and its use cases
  • Explain the architecture of NSX NDR in NSX
  • Describe the visualization capabilities of NSX NDR