Siebel Customer Order Management Rel 15.5 (D95274) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Customer Order Management Overview
Administering Simple Products
  • Describing simple products
  • Creating and entering detail for simple products
  • Versioning and releasing a product record
Administering Attributes and Classes
  • Describing attributes
  • Creating a class hierarchy
  • Creating attributes and domains, and assigning them to a hierarchy
  • Assigning products to the class hierarchy
  • Generating smart part numbers
Pricing Overview
  • Pricing Overview
  • Creating volume discounts
Administering Catalogs and Categories
  • Describing a product catalog
  • Creating catalogs and categories
  • Adding products to categories
  • Understanding product catalog visibility
Administering Component-Type Customizable Products
  • Creating a component-type customizable product by defining relationships
  • Using a Workspace Project to manage, test, and release products, attributes, and classes
  • Using Time Slice reports to track changes within a given object/version during its life
Administering Constraints
  • Creating constraints to enforce business logic during product configuration
  • Describing commonly-used rule types
Administering Eligibility and Compatibility
  • Describing Eligibility and Compatibility examples and usage scenarios
  • Defining Eligibility and Compatibility matrices
  • Administering Eligibility and Compatibility rules
Administering Promotions
  • Listing types of product promotions
  • Administering product bundles, coupons, and special configuration promotions
  • Administering eligibility and compatibility for product promotions
  • Using product promotions with quotes and orders
Administering Recommendations
  • Describing product and promotion recommendation functionality
  • Creating product and promotion recommendations
  • Defining messages using Unified Messaging administrative views
Administering Multiple Product UIs
  • Creating multiple product user interfaces (UIs) for a customizable product
  • Using user interface properties for additional functionality
  • Describing the logic governing product UI selection
Object Definitions
  • Object Types and Definitions
Siebel Tools
  • Using Siebel Tools to Examine Object Definitions
Business Services
  • Business Services in Siebel CRM Applications
Modifying Siebel Workflow Processes
Administering Advanced Pricing Policies
  • Creating Aggregate Discounts
  • Pricing Component-Type Customizable Products
Siebel COM Pricing Architecture
  • Understanding Pricing Procedures and Row Sets
  • Invoking Pricing Procedures
  • Understanding Signals
  • Configuring Variable maps
  • The Product Selection and Pricing Engine
  • The Row Set Transformation Toolkit Business Service
  • RSTT Transforms
Price Waterfalls
  • Generating a Price Waterfall
  • Extending a Price Waterfall
Configuring Advanced Pricing Policies
  • Implementing Attribute Adjustments
  • Implementing Discount Matrices
  • Implementing Hierarchical Discounts
  • Implementing Aggregate Volume Discounts