Oracle Database 12c R2: New Features for 12c R1 Administrators (D93517) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

  • Global objectives of the course
  • Lessons grouped by area
  • Schedule of the week
Application Containers and Applications
  • Application root and application PDBs
  • Create and manage an application container
  • Install application in an application container
  • Patch application
  • Upgrade application
  • Impacts in Data Guard, Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle Streams, XStream, ADO and Heat Map
Security in PDBs
  • Create users commonly, locally in application containers
  • Grant privileges commonly, locally in application containers
  • Difference between common and local roles in application containers
  • Grant roles commonly, locally in application containers
  • Difference between common and local objects in application containers
  • Difference between common and local profiles in application containers
  • Manage PDB lockdown profiles
  • Create unified auditing policies operations in application containers
PDBs Creation Using New Methods
  • Create a PDB from CDB seed enhancements
  • Unplug into a PDB archive file and plug using the archive file
  • Create a local UNDO tablespace at PDB level
  • Hot cloning
  • Near-zero downtime PDB relocation
  • Create a remote proxy PDB
PDBs Recovery and Flashback
  • Shut down a PDB when an essential PDB datafile is missing
  • Flashback at PDB level
  • Flashback a PDB to a clean PDB restore point
Performance in PDBs
  • View CDB / PDB ADDM analysis
  • Manage SGA and PGA at the PDB level
  • Share resources between PDBs
Upgrade and Other Operations in PDBs
  • Upgrade a CDB to 12.2
  • Upgrade a PDB to 12.2 by using unplug / plug / upgrade
  • Use cross-platform non-CDB or PDB backupsets to import into a CDB
Privileges and User Profiles
  • New 12.2 SYSRAC administrative privilege
  • Password file enhancements
  • Grant administrative privileges to external users
  • Migrate the password file from pre-12 or 12.1 to 12.2
  • New system privilege INHERIT ANY REMOTE PRIVILEGES and object privilege INHERIT REMOTE PRIVILEGES
  • Enhance the security of administrative users
  • Pre-configure a maximum number of days in the user profile for which a user can remain inactive
Unified Auditing
  • Create and enable audit policies for all users to whom the role is granted directly
  • Capture VPD (Virtual Private Database) generated predicates
Data Redaction
  • New redaction format library in EM GUI
  • Redaction policy expression
  • New redaction functions
Data Encryption
  • Encrypt / decrypt / rekey tablespaces online
  • Specific tablespaces: SYSAUX, SYSTEM, UNDO and temporary
Transparent Sensitive Data Protection
  • Use TSDP with Unified Auditing
  • Use TSDP with Fine-Grained Auditing (FGA)
  • Use TSDP with Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)
Availability Enhancements
  • Non auto-login support for duplicate: Use encrypted backups whose decryption keys are in a non auto-login wallet
  • Update and drop the catalog without entering the UPGRADE CATALOG and DROP CATALOG commands twice: UPGRADE / DROP CATALOG NOPROMPT
  • Automate the two step manual process into one recovery operation after missing logs found during RECOVER DATABASE: Recover Database Until Available Redo
  • REPAIR FAILURE command
  • Transport Data Across Platforms
  • Steps to recover a table
  • Describe online redefinition supports
Oracle Data Pump, SQL*Loader and External Tables
  • Oracle Data Pump enhancements
  • SQL*Loader enhancements
  • External table enhancements
In-Memory Column Store
  • Dynamic parameter in 12.2 : INMEMORY_SIZE
  • Caches results of frequently evaluated expressions and virtual columns for subsequent reuse
  • Optimizing joined columns by creating join groups
  • Interaction with other products, features
SQL Tuning
  • SQL Performance Analyzer enhancements
  • SQL Plan Management enhancements
  • Statistics Gathering Performance Improvements: Optimizer Statistics Advisor
  • SQL Performance Analyzer (SPA) enhancements to make it resilient to certain workloads which can cause divergence
  • New ways of SQL processing
  • Continuous Adaptive Query Plans
Resource Manager and Other Performance Enhancements
  • Manage session PGA limit
  • Reduce Cursor Invalidations for DDLs
  • Describe the Advanced Index Compression (HIGH)
  • Define real-time materialized views with on query computation
  • Use ON STATEMENT refresh when a DML operation takes place on materialized views without the need to committhe transaction
  • Describe HCC data compression with ADO row-level policy
  • Explain auto-list partitioning
  • Composite partitioning
  • Explain multicolumn list partitioning
  • Read-only partition
  • Defer subpartition segment creation
  • Filter data during partition maintenance operations
  • Start / stop a DBOP by specifying the Session ID and Serial#
  • Set a retention target to ADR for an automatic delete of ADR files
  • Use the retention advisor
  • Install TFA Collector by default for RDBMS (with RDBMS root scripts)
  • Start TFA Collector
  • Allow Data Pump tracing to be changed without stopping and then restarting the job
  • MV refresh statistics
Oracle Database Cloud Services
  • Describe the Oracle Database Cloud Services console
  • Create a database deployment under 12.2
  • Database deployment backup and recovery automatic procedures
  • Differences between database deployments and on-premises databases
  • Migrate on-premises database to Oracle Database Public Cloud Services
SQL Enhancements
  • Describe the new SQLcl utility
  • Use new 128 bytes length for database objects
  • Recall SQL*Plus commands in the same session from memory
  • Use the new VALIDATE_CONVERSION function