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Oracle Communications EAGLE Origin-Based Routing and GTT Actions (D88001)

Detailed Course Outline

MTP Origin-Based Routing (MOBR)
  • MTP Origin-Based Routing (MOBR) Overview
  • MOBR Processing Order
  • MOBR Routing Examples
  • Feature Activation and Configuration
Flexible Linkset Optional Based Routing (FLOBR)
  • Flexible Linkset Optional Based Routing Overview
  • GTT Set Type and GTT Selector Combinations
  • FLOBR fcd Routing and Muliple Search Example
  • FLOBR Test Message Configuration Commands
  • Feature Activation and Configuration
  • FLOBR Intermediate EGTT Configuration
  • FLOBR Configuration
Global Title Translation (GTT) Actions
  • GTT Actions Overview
  • Commands to provision GTT Actions
  • Provision and activate the GTT Actions feature
Origin-Based SCCP Routing (OBSR)
  • Origin-Based SCCP Routing (OBSR) Overview
  • OBSR Routing Modes
  • SCCPOPTS Enhancements
  • Feature Activation and Configuration
GSM MAP Screening
  • GSM MAP Screening Feature Overview
  • Activating the GSM MAP Screening Feature
  • GSM MAP Screening Configuration
  • Definition of Screening Actions
  • GSM MAP Screening Examples
  • GSM MAP Screening Configuration
  • SS7 Firewall Overview
  • SS7 Firewall Logging
  • SS7 Firewall Message Throttling
  • SS7 MAP-SCCP Validation