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Greeting - Torsten Poels

Torsten Poels, iTLSThe performance and future viability of your company’s IT infrastructure hinges on the abilities of the people who run your systems. We provide basic-to-advanced training in high-end technology, honing your people’s skills and driving their professional development to benefit your company.

Unified communications and video, virtualization and data centers, security and VPN, wireless networking and optical technologies – in whatever specialty field you wish to gain know-how and enjoy professional consulting, iTLS has the right expert and the right training and consulting for you.

We can deliver our training to you in over 10 countries in Asia. Everything we do, we do to satisfy the highest standards for quality. A comprehensive evaluation system ensures we live up to these expectations. If you opt to take a iTLS class, you will benefit from hands-on training with the latest devices and state-of-the-art labs. For example, our Cisco Advanced Technology Labs afford you access to all Cisco technologies, all the way up to the Cisco Data Center.

Our seasoned experts will be delighted to help you draft a training plan attuned fully to your needs, providing all the insight IT professionals need to make the most of future-focused IT technologies.


Torsten Poels
CEO & Chairman of the Board, iTLS