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Cyber Security & ANTI-HACKING Workshop (HACK)


Who should attend

Administrators and It security specialists who want to see security risks from the attacker’s perspective and use this insight to set up a solution scenario


  • Basic Windows/Linux system user and administrator skills and a fundamental understanding of the individual communication protocols (TCP/IP)
  • SQL programming skills are beneficial

Course Objectives

This security training shows you hackers operate. With the experience gained in many hands-on exercises, you will be able to recognise and repel attacks, redress security vulnerabilities, and reduce security risks. The particulars of the given productive environment are taken into account.

Course Content

  • Who are these attackers? Their motivation and know-how
  • Design flaws in the TCP/IP protocol family
  • Sourcing information from publicly accessible databases
  • What are the known vulnerabilities of the software we use?
  • Scanning techniques under Windows
  • Active & passive fingerprinting
  • Assessing scan results and service-specific information
  • Buffers overflows (causes & functionality)
  • Tracing network intrusions step by step
  • Attacks against web applications & databases (SQL injection, cross-site scripting)
  • Using Linux Exploits (to obtain root rights)
  • Root kits and Trojans
  • Brute-force methods (cracking passwords)
  • Man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Analyzing one’s own system
  • Using intrusion detection systems
  • Protecting workstations, servers, and routers
  • Drafting security guidelines
  • Encoding
Online Training

Duration 4 days

Classroom Training

Duration 4 days

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21/06/2020 ― 24/06/2020 Online Training Time zone: Africa/Cairo Course language: English
27/09/2020 ― 30/09/2020 Cairo Course language: English
06/12/2020 ― 09/12/2020 Cairo Course language: English
Middle East
09/08/2020 ― 12/08/2020 Doha Course language: English
United Arab Emirates
26/04/2020 ― 29/04/2020 Online Training Time zone: Asia/Dubai Course language: English This course is being delivered by iTLS.
09/08/2020 ― 12/08/2020 Dubai Course language: English This course is being delivered by iTLS.
01/11/2020 ― 04/11/2020 Dubai Course language: English This course is being delivered by iTLS.
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