Deploying Basic and Advanced Cisco Wireless LANs Bootcamp (WDBWL-WDAWL)


Course Overview

This 5-day instructor-led, hands-on course combines Deploying Basic Cisco Wireless LANs (WDBWL) and Deploying Advanced Cisco Wireless LANs (WDAWL), presenting you with challenging real-world deployments such as client mobility between subnets, high client density deployments, and mesh network deployments. You will be trained on how to make network design decisions about, configure, and troubleshoot WLANs with these challenges. The format of the course allows you and the instructor to explore realistic use cases and best practices around more challenging deployment scenarios. The course is written at software code level 7.5.

Who should attend

This course is intended for you if you are an IT engineer or administrator that needs to know the fundamentals about planning, installing, configuring, troubleshooting, and maintaining a basic Cisco Wireless LAN infrastructure. This includes installers, SEs, Field Engineers, technical support professionals, network managers, security team members, and administrators.


Prior to taking this course you should have the following knowledge and skills:

  • Prior completion of Defining Cisco Wireless LAN Essentials course or equivalent work experience (recommended)
  • Basic networking skills
  • RF/Wireless field experience (helpful)

Course Objectives

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Successfully plan, install, configure, troubleshoot, monitor and maintain basic Cisco Wireless LAN solutions in a customer enterprise environment
  • Configure autonomous, unified, and FlexConnect architectures
  • Configure all base feature sets, including wireless security
  • Administer the WLAN network
  • Maintain and troubleshoot basic wireless networks
  • Describe the steps involved in client mobility at layer 2 and the differences involved in client mobility at layer 3.
  • Discuss the challenges faced in providing a quality user experience in a high density wireless network deployment scenario.
  • Differentiate the operational characteristics of, and implement, a wireless MESH architecture.
Classroom Training

Duration 5 days

Price (excl. tax)
  • Egypt: US$ 3,295.-
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29/09/2019 - 03/10/2019 Cairo Course language: English
22/12/2019 - 26/12/2019 Cairo Course language: English

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22/12/2019 - 26/12/2019 Doha Course language: English
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