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Database Backup & Recovery Strategy for Oracle Cloud (D101146)

Detailed Course Outline

Backup and Recovery Strategy - What Is It? Why Would You Want to Align It?
  • Backup and Recovery Strategy - What Makes a Good Backup Strategy?
  • What Can Change in This Strategy? & Factors That Can Influence This Change
  • What Keeps You Awake at Night?
  • Backup and Recovery Solutions & Conventional Database Backup: Best Practices
  • Assess Recovery Requirements & Oracle Data Protection Solutions
  • Recovery Analysis: Intelligent, Guided Recovery & Data Recovery Advisor (DRA)
  • Service Level Agreement and Available Oracle Solution: Customer Case Study
  • Recovery SLAs: Customer Case Study & Cloud Infrastructure for Backup and Archive: Top Preference
Back Up Your Oracle Database - to Oracle Cloud
  • Why Backup to Oracle Cloud? & Challenges with Conventional Backup Infrastructure
  • Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service Low-Cost Offsite Cloud Storage for Oracle Database Backups
  • Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service: End-to-End Flow Simple Four-Step Process
  • Client Side: Database Support Matrix
  • RMAN Operations Supported with Cloud Backups All Typical BACKUPSET Operations
  • Cloud Backup: Multi-Tiered Backup Strategy Using Database Backup Service for Tier 1, 2, or 3 Backup
  • Architectural Overview of Oracle Cloud Storage Service
  • Backup Encryption & Transparent Encryption of Backups
Back Up Your On-Premises Oracle Database to Oracle Cloud
  • Architecture of Oracle Cloud Backup when Used with On-Premises Databases
  • RMAN Compression and Encryption Cloud Defaults
  • Oracle Database Backup Service: Four Simple Steps & Installing the Backup Module
  • Required Configuration Files for Cloud Backup & Configuring Parallelism
  • Monitor the Storage Usage in the Cloud Service Dashboard & Management Interfaces for Cloud Backups
  • Oracle Database Backup Service in a Nutshell & Backing Up to Cloud: Best Practices
  • Troubleshooting Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service
  • Storing Backups in Custom Containers
Managing DBCS Backups on Oracle Cloud
  • Architecture of Oracle Cloud Backup when Used with Cloud Deployed Databases
  • Backup and Recovery Strategy: Choosing a Backup Destination & Default Backup Configuration
  • Backup Operations in DBCS
  • Utilities for Backup and Recovery of the Database Deployment
  • Creating an On-Demand Backup on DBCS
  • Database Backup Options on DBCS
  • Use Case: Demonstrate Rapid Provisioning of a Database in DBCS Using a Production Database Backup
  • Cloud Backup Performance Analysis
Customizing Backup Configuration on DBCS
  • On-Premises Backup Versus Cloud Backup Configuration
  • DBCS Default Backup Configuration
  • Customizing the Backup Configuration
  • Customizing the Current Backup Configuration on Database Deployments Hosting Single-Instance Databases & Oracle RAC Databases
  • Use Case: Offsite Backups for Non-Critical Database
  • Use Case: Offsite Backups for Business Critical Database
  • Use Case: DB Server Not Connected to Internet
  • Use Case: Tape and Additional Offsite Backups
Review Your Backup and Recovery Strategy on DBCS
  • Restore and Recovery Methods
  • Restore and Recovery Process
  • Recovery Scenarios
  • Restoring from the Most Recent Backup
  • Restoring from a Specific Backup
  • Restoring to a Specific Point in Time
  • Re-creating an Unrecoverable Database Deployment from a Backup to Cloud Storage
Use Case – Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service
  • Use Case: Database Consolidation
  • Use Case: Tiered Storage for Database Backups
  • Backup Cloud: Tiered Storage for Database Backups
  • Traditional Backup Tiered Storage Versus Oracle Database Backup Cloud Storage Service
  • Use Case: Disaster Recovery to Cloud Using Backups
  • Use Case: Database Backup Cloud Service for Migration Large US-based Financial Regulatory Authority
  • How Customers Use Database Backup Cloud Service?
  • Oracle Database Backup and Recovery to the Cloud: Business Benefits