The Threat Landscape (NSE 1)

NSE 1 is the entry level designation of the Fortinet Network Security Expert (NSE) program. It is intended to provide a basic understanding of the threat landscape facing networks today.

NSE 1 is available for anyone wishing to learn about the threat landscape and network security. It also provides the foundation for learning about the Fortinet solutions in NSE 2. Fortinet sales and pre-sales associates and Fortinet Partner sales and pre-sales associates, are required to complete this step in order to progress to the next level of the program.

NSE 1 is open to anyone who wants to learn about the threat landscape and network security.

All Fortinet employees and partners are encouraged to obtain the NSE 1 certification, as well NSE 2 and NSE 3 certifications.


Completion of all lessons and quizzes within the NSE 1 The Threat Landscape course.

Exams and recommended training

To enroll in the NSE 1 The Threat Landscape course, you must have an account on the NSE Institute. Fortinet partners, must enter through the partner portal.

Partners, customers, and employees must access the NSE Institute through the portals listed above to receive credit towards their standing with Fortinet.

Once logged in the NSE Institute, use the following link to enroll in this class: NSE 1 The Threat Landscape.


You can renew your NSE 1 certification by taking the current NSE 1 course in the NSE Institute.